Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super "food" Bowl

I thought today would be a great day to work on jewelry while my husband is preoccupied with football.  But we ended up cooking and eating most of the day. We made pretzels with asiago cheese/mustard dipping sauce. Shrimp with cocktail sauce, spinach spanakopita and guacamole. We had fun even though the Packers were not in the game. I thought the halftime show was entertaining and the food was great.


  1. Hey Linda! Those look delicious! We enjoyed the SuperBowl, too, even though my Saints were not in it! I've always enjoyed Madonna's music and thought her show was great! Hope you and your family have been well. Hope to see you here more, but know you are busy like we all seem to be these days. I still just seem to read everyone's blog and not post to my own. Oh well, it's fun either way. :)