Thursday, September 1, 2011

From Huricane to Blue Sky Holiday

We were suppose spent the weekend in Brooklyn babysitting for our 8 month old grandson. It turned into an exciting weekend adventure. My daughter and her husband left for Toronto Friday. Because of the Hurricane Irene threat all of the NY airports were closed shortly after they left town. They also found out their return flight would be cancelled until Monday night. Our flight was delayed for two days. What a great gift we got to spend two full extra days with our grandson.

In New York they took the hurricane warnings very seriously making us feel a little anxious. But we prepared as much as possible.
The Hurricane quietly passed over our little neighborhood doing very little damage. the weather following the hurricane was quiet beautiful. Our daughter did not go into work the day after she returned home so we got to spend the day with her and our grandson. The day was perfect for strolling the Highline Park and exploring the city. We had lunch and stopped at some of my favorite bead stores in the garment district.

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