Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 Bead and Button Show

I was lucky to attend a class taught by Melissa Cable.  She taught us how to set up a compact etching tank.  She showed us how to use it to etch our own designs on the metal.  She also showed all of the different ways to use faux bone.  Melissa also taught us how to set a stone using the frame form tool she invented.  I riveted everything together and made this great cuff bracelet.


I took the Painting with Fire Class by Barbara Lewis and learned how to glass enameled iron beads with a torch.  I made this cute bracelet with the beads I made.

I bought the kit and some glass powder.  I want to make more beads. But need more practice to get them perfect.

 My sister thought it was silly to waste time buying tools at Bead and Button.
I thought it was smart.  No shipping fees.

                                                                                        This Says It All!!!

I am so lucky to live in Milwaukee where the greatest bead show in the country takes place.  I was there almost everyday of the show.